Kenneth Droz

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Where to you reside? What other places? Southfield, MI USA
Spouse/Partner, how long together: Yes, still single. Who knew. Close a couple times, but no cigar.
Occupation: writer/producer and publicist
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Children: Grandchildren: Nada
Yes! Attending Reunion
Colleges attended

Michigan State University

Dream vacations you have taken:

One was the OPHS London trip during sophomore year. With roommate Marshall Schultz, going to Shepperton Studios, seeing the exterior set of Oliver, and the Interiors of a Peter Sellers movie. Of course, having Mark Richter caught with pot was probably the highlight.

A trip to Israel was awesome. As were a couple jaunts to Maui, and many to the Caribbean.

What else do you want us to know?

I'll admit, I've had a never-boring career, first as a sports PR director, then in the film industry. At the old Detroit Express Soccer team, pre-MSU graduation, a great time, at age 21, dealing with networks like ABC, ESPN, etc., traveling the continent with some great, and very crazy soccer players.
Then, with the Continental Basketball Assn.'s Detroit Spirits, playing at beloved Cobo Arena, where even famous Gus returned to cheer us on. Befriending childhood hero Marvin "News" Barnes, where I eventually put him in his first (of several) drug rehab facilities. With his posse gone, and broke, he called me his "first cousin on the white side."
We also were the first pro team in town to win a national title, winning the 1983 CBA championship, defeating Phil Jackson's Albany team first, then George Karl's Montana team, in the 7th game in Great Falls, MT.

Next, it was the Kronk Boxing Team, watching from the 2nd row Tommy Hearns knock out Roberto Duran in 2 rounds. The Hearns-Hagler fight was one of the all time great bouts, even though Tommy lost.
Then, to the film biz, working in Detroit with the major LA studios, journalists, directors, and then in L.A. for 9 years Paramount and the Writers Guild Foundation, with such writing greats as William Goldman, Aaron Sorkin, James L. Brooks, Charlie Kauffman, and the "Great Davids" - Mamet, Chase (Sopranos) and Milch (Deadwood).

I returned to Michigan in 2008 to help implement the new film incentives law, seeing thousands of young folks return to, or stay in Michigan - for a change!
Now, am in early stages producing a docu series for public television (about standup comedy), and writing/producing an adult-targeted animated TV series, called "Reptile Dysfunction," which is about exactly as it sounds.

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